Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Day To Remember...

What a truly magical day... congratulations Alicea and Richard

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wind in my hair

At the weekend my partner came to visit me in London. We ended up staying in a hotel in Hammersmith and roamed the area to get to know it better, as it is where I work and where soon I'll also be living. We went for food in Friday at a cute restaurant called Lola and Simon where they sold delicious pasta! After the working week it was lovely to enjoy a big glass of wine and practically fall into bed.
Saturday was so hot in London so I wanted wear something light and airy so opted for this silky navy dress from H&M paired with statement floral necklace to bring a bit of summery colour to the look. We started the day of with breakfast at a really cute Australian urban cafe that sold yummy confectionary. Afterwards the day consisted of wandering the streets nearby, enjoying a bit of shopping and of course more eating! Which was Lebanese in the Duke of York square. FYI I love aubergine!
Sunday was equally if not more wonderful. We went to Grosvenor Park where I meet bloggers Lily and Vivianna at their picnic meet-up! This was such a treat for beauty fanatic me. If you watch her latest blog here you'll spot me in the red river island dress towards the end. After we finished the day off with sushi which is a very different cuisine to my Mums normal Sunday roast.
Saturday I'll be a braidsmaid for my cousins wedding so will most certainly have photographs to share about that day soon. But to keep in the loop early make sure to check my social media platforms because I'll be sure to share a picture or two! Until next time.
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Monday, 28 July 2014

Flower Power

I have officially been living and working in London for two weeks now and I can report that I am extremely happy. I feared so much about the big move (which is still up in the air without having laid down roots yet - thank the lord for good friends and a spare sofa), although there are aspects which are difficult to cope with such as living away from my boyfriend time has been filled with work and socialising and that has kept me sane!

I can't believe how lovely everyone is at work. Liz Earle seem to be an abolsolutely wonderful company to work for. With a long, insightful and hospitable induction I feel I have been a little spoilt actually and thankfully made friends within the company already. The role requires me to hope over to the isle of Wight, the homeland of the brand but I can't complain! Sun, sand and sea have been a welcomed sight. In the next post I'll have some snaps of which to share with you!

The photographs above are of a John Lewis rooftop event we did and I helped out at. Complete with flower headdress I dilly dallied around the oasis in the clouds (trying not to burn in the scorching heat) helping to coordinate the goings on. It was such a pleasure to work alongside the talented crew and was very special to continue into the evening with the VIP event with the lady herself. Liz Earle spoke about the brand's beginning and her favourite products. It was beautiful watching the sun go down and being amongst such lovely people and might I say a gorgeous garden-inspired setting.
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Friday, 25 July 2014

Feeling Fancy

It has been a week of dresses on Give Me More and today is no exception. Let me introduce you to a very glamorous number from ChiChi, dubbed the Kellie dress*. Let's get down to details:

Here is a dress made up of so many components that I love. The collar is an element that I adore - for me there is something attractive about a dress with a collar. Secondly, the print is rather stunning. The night sky blue/grey is peppered with gold sewing giving this garment a lot of sass. Speaking of sass look at the size of this puffy skirt bottom. Although I think it doesn't quite work on my figure and height it makes me feel extremely womanly. 

It seems like the whole collection is dotted with this iconic Chi Chi full skirt finish and for a party or special event I think it is a perfect frock style. Although I don't have many opportunities to rock this unique dress, I'll enjoy prancing around my boyfriend's garden in it for the time being! 
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